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Developmental Educator (DE)

Developmental Educator (DE) and Early Interventionist

Through the Developmental Educator service, the objective is to provide support to children with special needs in a safe, welcoming and strength-based environment. Each individual child’s needs will be identified and supported through collaboration with family members and other professionals. The key aims of the program incorporate connection, communication and learning and will be based on:

  • Improving children’s physical development

  • Focusing and developing children’s cognition

  • Developing and supporting children’s communication skills

  • Improving children’s social and emotional development

  • Developing and improving children’s adaptive development.

In addition to the development and support of functional skills and abilities, the service will include those aspects that are connected with longer-term wellbeing of the child and family. An ecological methodology to therapy, emphasising the family as a main influence on their child’s early development, will also be evident. They provide assessment and management through sessions which often take place in different locations, including in Kids Clinic, education setting (schools, pre-schools and childcare) and home or in the local community. Under the NDIS plan, the DE can conduct an individual educational/behavioural/functional management plan and monitor their implementation. These assessments provide the multi-disciplinary team at Kids Clinic, along with other stakeholders with a snapshot before and after therapy.

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    About Kids Clinic

    Kids Clinic is a Paediatric Clinic and Early Intervention providers (NDIS) for children with developmental, behavioural and functional skills impairment.